Friday, November 26, 2010

Coffee Logos

The energizing effect of coffee has been known to people for many centuries. Today, coffee is literally an integral part of modern life, being not only a drink, but a part of culture and social life. No wonder coffee is often featured on company logos. No matter whether an organization is directly involved in coffee business or designers simply want to create a visual association between a company and the values, expressed by coffee, such as energy and vigor, – coffee image is capable of spicing up the entire design and make it meaningful and attractive for the target audience.

Mondo Cafe by Stefan Vasilev

Mondo Cafe

Rasta by Liza


Joy of Java by Peter Morris

Joy of Java

First Avenue Espresso by Schuster

First Avenue Espresso

Native Grounds Coffee by Oxide

Native Grounds Coffee

El Coche Caffe by John Anderle

Native Grounds Coffee

And’s Coffee (2005) by Sebastiany

And's Coffee (2005)

Ca Roule by firebrand

Ca Roule

Osmocha by Nathan


IL BARISTA (2002) by Sebastiany


D’Cups Coffee Shop by NEXQUNYX

D'Cups Coffee Shop

3b Coffee by Ron Allchin

3b Coffee

Coffee Cup by Jan Zabransky

Coffee Cup

Caffe Cottage by Madelyn Wattigney

Caffe Cottage

Tout de Suite by Madelyn Wattigney

Tout de Suite

Vanilla Moon Cafe by Madelyn Wattigney

Vanilla Moon Cafe

River City Gift Co. by Jerron Ames

River City Gift Co.

el invernadero v2 by lalohead

el invernadero v2

Providence by Jerron Ames


Malerba Cafe by condeck

Malerba Cafe

wanderlust coffee by kirkmaul

wanderlust coffee

get wired by Daniel Sensecall

get wired

Caffiend by chepooka


Coffee CUP by Jan Zabransky

Coffee CUP

La Bella by StudioInk

La Bella

Expresse Cafe by brandclay

Expresse Cafe

Kawa4ay by Konstantin


Providence by Jerron Ames


ROAST by Alex Wende


Providence by Jerron Ames


Cafe del Sol by hannunevanlinna

Cafe del Sol

Coffee Pot Bistro by VYshouldhavewon

Coffee Pot Bistro

Budget Coffee by VERGad

Budget Coffee

LaBella Coffee by VERGad

LaBella Coffee

Apache coffee by dima je

Apache coffee

Handmade cafe by serhos

Handmade cafe

Zvon v2 by tass

Zvon v2

Americano by Jim-Maitland


city solo cafe by qanglee

city solo cafe

Sepoi Sepoi by reinertlee

Sepoi Sepoi

Coffee Lover by colgate

Coffee Lover



Art Cafe by Joanna Malik

Art Cafe

Espresso Yourself by gnurf

Espresso Yourself

ecobean by Shnickerdoodle Studios


Café Columbia by Martys

Café Columbia

Qup Cafe by tanami

Qup Cafe

zedcafe by charcoal


Square mug cafe by willfarrant

Square mug cafe

Coffe Like by doncip

Coffe Like

Cafe Flora by ES Designs

Cafe Flora

Coffee Corner by TalentoDesign

Coffee Corner

Javolt by tinix1



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