Monday, January 5, 2009

100+ More Wiki Tools and Resources


intodit - A free wiki farm that includes a searchable directory of wikis on just about any topic.
ClearWiki - A private wiki geared toward businesses that includes up to ten users and 256Mb of storage in their free plan.
LittleWiki - A site that offers free private and public wiki page hosting.
Deki Express - A wiki capable of application and data mashups.
@Wiki - A free wiki hosting service that allows for both public and private wikis.
WizzardWiki - A JavaScript and HTML wiki with a WYSIWYG editor.
ContainU - A wiki farm with pages dedicated to people, businesses, products, and more. - A free wiki host that allows you to limit who can edit your pages.
BrainKeeper - An enterprise wiki software that includes a variety of paid plans starting at only $17/month.
Traduwiki - A wiki farm that has a special focus on translating its pages.
Zulupad - A personal online notebook with the ease of a wiki.
BusinessWiki - A wiki platform for businesses that is built on the MediaWiki platform.
Central Desktop - A wiki-based business and team collaboration tool.
Cospire - A free knowledge management system with wiki and blog functionality.
incentive - A corporate wiki, blogging and RSS platform.
Luminotes - A personal wiki-based notebook with a WYSIWYG editor. A downloadable version is also available
Metadot - A free and very easy to use wiki host.
Nexdo - A wiki for knowledge and project management that includes free and paid versions.
PicoWiki - A wiki specifically for smartphones, PDAs, iPhones and Blackberries.
Swirrl - A wiki-based collaboration tool that lets you store, share and analyze data with your team.
Seed Wiki - An ad-free wiki host that gives you the freedom to change your wiki’s layout and style.
Springnote - A personal online notebook based on a wiki platform.
Wibokr - Free wiki and blog hosting with unlimited space. A downloadable version is also available.
SmartPage - A powerful enterprise wiki and blog site.
SuperWiki - A an ad-free, simple wiki that offers addons for forum, chat, blog and calendar functions and unlimited storage.
BluWiki - A free wiki host with no ads or popups where you can publish anything.
Nuospace - An enterprise wiki with a WYSIWYG editor.
MotherWiki - A wiki farm that is aimed at getting wikis started and then helping them migrate to their own servers or wiki host.


Bitweaver - A CMS built around a wiki platform.
bLADE Wiki - A freeware personal wiki for note management.
BoltWire - A small (about 80K) and simple, but powerful, wiki engine.
ButorWiki - An open source Java wiki and CMS.
Canvas ColdFusion Wiki - A ColdFusion wiki built using Model-Glue with a powerful API.
Clearspace - A business collaboration platform that includes wiki functionality.
codeBeamer - A business collaboration suite with an enterprise wiki.
ConnectedText - A free personal wiki for managing your information, notes, and more.
daisy - A content repository and management system with a wiki front-end.
Deki - A downloadable, open source enterprise wiki.
DokuWiki - A standards-compliant wiki specifically for documentation creation.
ErfurtWiki - A PHP-based wiki.
Foswiki - An open-source wiki that supports active and passive macros to enhance usability and functionality.
trac - A wiki-based project management application.
Gazest - A community engine based on a wiki platform.
GeboGebo - A free wiki system that runs on Linux.
GroupsWiki - An open source, rails- and prototype-based WYSIWYG wiki.
Hatta Wiki - A wiki that uses a Mercurial repository to store pages.
IkeWiki - A wiki engine that supports semantic annotation by users.
ikiwiki - A wiki compiler that converts wiki pages into HTML pages.
Instiki - A wiki that supports file uploads, PDF export, RSS feeds and more, making it suitable for use as a CMS.
WikyBlog - A wiki/blog hybrid that was designed for ease of use and speed and uses an AJAX-enhanced interface.
Jacwiki - A php-based 34KB wiki that even includes CAPTCHA.
JAMWiki - A java-based wiki that doesn’t require an external database.
JSPWiki - An extensible wiki engine built around J2EE components.
KeheiWiki - A wiki engine named after a seaside town in Hawaii.
LionWiki - A file-based wiki suitable for small sites or personal journals that is extensible and templatable.
wikidBASE - An app that combines a wiki with the functionalities of a database system.
LunaWiki - A flexible and usable wiki that descended from the QwikiWiki platform.
MicKi - A micro wiki engine with minimal demands on its environment.
miniWiki - A PHP based wiki that’s aimed at single users or small groups with no anonymous editors.
MoinMoinWiki - An extensible wiki engine for collaboration on pages that are easily editable.
Perspective - A free Microsoft .Net wiki popular with big businesses.
PhpWiki - A clone of the original WikiWikiWeb written in PHP.
SmallWiki - A free and open source wiki platform for non-commercial use.
Pimki - An Instiki-based personal information manager.
PmWiki - A customizable wiki engine with hundreds of extensions.
Oddmuse - A wiki engine built in Perl and released under the GNU GPL.
PodWiki - A wiki built using the PerlPod markup.
ProntoWiki - A wiki engine built in ASP .NET with a customizable appearance and layout.
ProWiki - An open source wiki engine originally forked from UseMod.
ScrewTurn Wiki - An ASP .NET wiki engine that installs in minutes and is customizable with plugins and themes available.
Sycamore - An easy to use wiki engine available under the GNU GPL. - A business wiki engine you can try for free.
TiddlyWiki - A wiki engine that consists of a single HTML file that can be emailed, put online or even stored on a portable USB drive.
WikiPoint - Adds wiki functionality to SharePoint.
TikiWiki - A CMS that includes a wiki engine.
Traction TeamPage - An enterprise wiki and blog platform.
VQWiki - “Very Quick Wiki” is a wiki server software based on Java.
WackoWiki - A lightweight wiki engine based on WakkaWiki but with additional features.
Wala - A wiki engine designed to be friendlier and less intimidating to casual users and contributors.
WiClear - A wiki engine still in the early stages of its development.
wikepage - A wiki-blog hybrid released under the GNU GPL.
KiWi - A knowledge management wiki that includes Semantic Web elements.
Wiki Asp - A free wiki that’s easy to use.
WikiDoc - A Windows executable wiki that doesn’t require a web server or database installation and runs right from your PC.
WikiNi - A simple and effective wiki engine for internet or intranet sites.
WikiSH - A small, fast, easy wiki that will run on any Unix machine.
WikkaWiki - A standards compliant, lightweight wiki engine forked from WakkaWiki.
Zwiki - A wiki engine for the Zope 2 application platform that also works within Plone sites.
XoWiki - A wiki based on a rich text editor.
Dandelion - An experimental wiki engine that uses a revision control system for storage.
CodexWiki - An Enterprise ColdFusion wiki that uses mediawiki syntax.
reviki wiki - A Java wiki with an SVN backend.
SnipSnap - Free Java weblog and wiki platform.
Svnwiki - A wiki that stores information in a Subversion repository.
CLiki - A wiki written in Common Lisp.
PumaWiki - Simple wiki that saves all of your information in text files instead of a database.
Ogham - A wiki-like CMS that doesn’t use wiki syntax or automatic linking.
Sputnik - An extensible, full-featured wiki that’s easy to install and doesn’t require root access.
pikipiki - A small, Python-based wiki engine.
PikiePikie - A wiki engine that supports easy text input and image uploading.
wikidPad - An open source, wiki-like notebook.
Hiki - A Ruby-based wiki engine.
Swiki Swiki - A wiki engine written in Squeak.

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