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11 best iPhone app rating and review sites

Even though the iTunes App store has a review and ratings system, it’s still best to get several opinions before spending money on an app you might never use. It would be nice if you could download trial versions of apps from the iTunes store, but it does not look like this will happen anytime soon.

So if you want to find out which iPhone apps are cool, which iPhone apps are popular and which iPhone apps to stay away from, then check out these iPhone app review sites!


iphone app reviews

FreshApps tracks about 444 iPhone applications and adds about 85 new apps everyday. It’s just starting off, but it’s full of great apps submitted by real iPhone users. You can browse, search, rate and comment on any iPhone app. If the app is not listed, go ahead and add it so people can start voting.



I like this site a lot because they have a large team of writers that provide in-depth reviews of each app. Basically, they start with an overview and then write up a review with their own personal opinion and give a final verdict on the app. They also list out the prices for the apps, etc.



I like iPhoneAppPodcast because you can actually watch video reviews of iPhone apps, which I have to admit gives you a much better idea of what the app looks like, how it works, and whether you would want to use it or not. Some iPhone apps sound great, but don’t work very well. Pretty much the only site that does in-depth video reviews of iPhone apps.

Apple iPhone School

apple iphone school

Another great iPhone app review site that breaks down the apps into nice little categories such as Photos, Calendar, Camera, YouTube, Stocks, Maps, Clock, etc. They also have separate sections for games, health, multimedia, network, productivity, system, toys, and utilities.

Gizmodo iPhone App Reviews

gizmodo iphone apps

If you are looking for super quick reviews of some of the most popular and used apps, then check out the list created by Gizmodo! They wrote up a huge list of iPhone apps ranging from Twitterific to Pandora. I like the list because most of the apps are useful and cool in some kind of way.

Ars Technica iPhone App Reviews

iphone app review

Not to be outdone, Ars Technica also has a apps review page that is better than Gizmodo because it is continuously being updated with new app reviews. As is Ars Technica style, the reviews are long and in-depth and you will definitely finish reading a review knowing whether you want to buy the app or not.



This is another community based iPhone app review site that is just starting off, but has a decent number of users and reviews. They don’t have a huge list of iPhone apps yet, but it could grow if more people start to use the site. I like the rating system that focuses on ease of use, features and the GUI interface.

iPhone App Reviews

iphone app review net

Another great site with a quick view of the highest rated iPhone apps. Each blog entry reviews one app from a personal stand point and describes how the app works, how well it performs, and whether or not there are any bugs, missing features, etc. The reviews are very in-depth and useful.

iPhone Alley

iphone alley

iPhone Alley is a great site for everything iPhone because it not only gives reviews of iPhone apps, it also has reviews for iPhone products and iPhone music. So if you wanted to get some personal opinions on the hordes of iPhone accessories, then this is a great site to visit for that.

Lockergnome iPhone Ratings

lockergnome iphone

Lockergnome has a Digg-style iPhone app rating directory that allows users to vote up or down on various iPhone apps. Based on the number of points a app gets, the higher it shows up in the list. Each app gets a short description and the price.



AppRater is basically a typical blog where each post covers one iPhone app. It gives a quick description, a ratings and review, and some stats about the app. Overall, it’s one of the weaker sites for iPhone reviews, but still might be worth checking out every once in a while.

That’s about all I could find! I know there are more, but I think these are the most popular sites for finding ratings and review for iPhone apps. Which sites do you use?

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