Monday, October 27, 2008

The Best Resources to Pimp Your Wallpaper

Top 10 Wallpaper Resources:

    (1) Social Wallpapering

    social-wallpapering.pngWeb 2.0 is ubiquitous and thus we have here an interactive community that engages in classifying, ranking, and distributing high resolution images for use as wallpapers. For a start you can pick a rough format - standard, widescreen, dual monitor, all or random. On the following page the filter can be fine-tuned to sort by most or least recent, highest or lowest rated, most or least popular items or by random. Overall you’ll find some of the hottest wallpapers on the web on this site. To rate an item click the green upturned arrow if you like it or the red downturned arrow if you don’t like it. Currently no sign-up is required.

    (2) Foto Community

    Foto-Community.pngThis is one of the largest archives for high quality photography with thousands of images and almost all of them qualify as wallpapers. You can browse by these categories: subjects, special, people, nude, nature, digi-art, youth, world, contest or gallery. The gallery contains the best photos as determined by user votes. To leave comments or vote, you need to register (free), however pictures can be downloaded without being a member (for private use only). Being a member, you can upload your own photos and see how others rate them.

    The wallpaper visible in the screenshot of my desktop was Bluedrops from this amazing site.

    (3) Wallpapr

    WallPapr.pngYet another web 2.0-ish site. This time a wallpaper search engine. Straight forward, simple, little you can tweak but therefore extremely easy to handle. Enter a search term, pick how many wallpapers you want to see - 20, 40 or 100 and then go.

    (4) Wallpapers @

    customize.pngThe most prominent feature of this site is the color-based search. Just pick a color from the random wallpaper color picker and all matching images will be listed. Alternatively the site offers search popular tags (or tag cloud).

    (5) deviantART

    devianart.pngOldie but goldie. I’m sure most everyone here has visited deviantART before. It’s THE archive for all sorts of images - 50 million and counting and thus it’s nearly impossible not to find something you like. Best of all is the easy to use Categories menu. Browse through the large tree of sub-categories and quickly go back if you decide to view all sub-categories.

    (6) N.Design Studio

    ndesign.pngThis site does not have a huge selection, however they offer nothing but incredibly innovative and cool cartoonish wallpapers. Glitz and style for your desktop guaranteed!

    (7) Pixelgirl Presents

    pixelgirlpresents.pngThis girl is all over the web to find the best and present it to you. Wallpapers can be browsed by category, resolution or featured artist, although there are many more artists represented than those listed as featured. Pixelgirl also presents some iPhone wallpapers.

    (8) Desktography

    The site describes itself as an exhibition, a showcase of nature themed desktop wallpapers created by designers worldwide. Currently, three exhibitions (years) with 10, 25 and 40 images respectively were released. A small but exclusive collection. Deskography uses a flash-based interface and wallpapers are downloaded as zip files containing all available resolutions. I’m impressed with both the site design and the picture quality.


    (9) Veer

    veer.pngAll wallpapers are the works of a single designer. Subsequently they are sorted by year. Since last year no less than eight different resolutions starting from as small as 320 x 480 (iPhone) and up to 1920 x 1200 pixel are available for every single new design. To download images an account needs to be registered with the site.

    (10) Vladstudio

    vladstudio.pngCurrently over 450 unique wallpapers were made for this project by Russian digital artist Vlad Gerasimov. So take some time to dig through this wonderful archive. Images are available in low and high quality from 800 x 600 up to 1600 x 1200 pixel, as well as widescreen up to 2560 x 1600 pixel or dual-monitor up to 1680 x 1050 pixel. Thus virtually every screen will find a matching wallpaper. Additionally files can be downloaded for mobile phones, sent as e-card, bought as poster, and some are available to go with wallpaper clock software. Lower-quality images are free while quality-lossless and signature-free images cost from $8.99 for three months up to $29.99 for lifetime.

After browsing through all of these sites you will likely come back with at least a few dozen wallpapers you like. What to do? Download all your favorite wallpapers into a single folder and use a tool to change your wallpaper automatically!

Top 3 Wallpaper Switching Tools

    (1) Wallpaper Changer - This is the tool with the most features. It gives you total control over your wallpapers.

    Wallpaper Changer


    • search & add all jpg, bmp, png and gif files to wallpaper list
    • rearrange items in any way you like
    • manage multiple wallpaper lists
    • apply selected item from the list
    • auto change desktop wallpaper after time, on startup, daily, never
    • change login wallpaper
    • resize wallpaper, only if deformation exceeds given percentage
    • auto tile wallpaper, if smaller than given fraction
    • auto-check screen resolution on startup or before changing
    • auto-determine best background and icon color
    • customize desktop icons

    (2) ScrollWall - A plain simple alternative to Wallpaper Changer. Less options, less confusion, less possibilities to mess up and the tool I am using. ;)


    • add images from various locations
    • supports gif, jpg, bmp and png files
    • define stretch, center or tile for each wallpaper separately
    • change wallpaper after time or on every startup
    • apply selected image by double-clicking it
    • manually switch wallpaper by left-clicking tray icon

    (3) Wallpaper Juggler - This is Linda’s recommendation. An intermediate of the first two tools.



    • add wallpapers by folder or file from various locations
    • supports jpg, bmp, gif, png and wmf files
    • change wallpaper after time (15 minutes to 24 hours) or never
    • stretch to fit desktop
    • instantly set selected image as wallpaper

If you have a good collection of wallpapers and want to see them in action on your desktop, here are 5 wallpaper changers that you can use in your Linux machine. Most, if not all, of them are meant for the GNOME and KDE desktop.


wallpaper-changer-ubuntu" align="left" style="border-top-width: 0px; border-right-width: 0px; border-bottom-width: 0px; border-left-width: 0px; border-style: initial; border-color: initial; margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 5px; margin-left: 5px; margin-right: 20px; ">Webilder is one of the best wallpaper changers for Linux. Not only does it change your wallpaper at regular intervals but it can also download images directly from Flickr and WebShots(requires a paid account) and add them to your collection.

When downloading from Flickr, you can configure it to download photos that match the tags you specified, or just to download the most interesting photo of the day.

If you run out of tags idea, you can also check out the Webilder channel to see what others are downloading and add their tags to your Webilder.


In addition, Webilder also comes with a simple photo browser where you can preview the image in full screen and decide if you want to use it as the wallpaper.


I like Wallpapoz the best, for the simple reason that it allows me to specify a different set of wallpapers for each workspace. When I change workspace, the wallpaper also changes accordingly. With this feature, you can configure each workspace to display a different ‘mood’ of wallpaper.

The first workspace may display those ‘Get back to work’ kinds of wallpaper that constantly remind you to finish up your work. The second workspace may be made up of relaxing, soothing wallpaper where you can listen to your music with peace. The trick is, when you are bored with your work, simply switch the workspace and change your mood instantly.

I am not sure if this works for you, but it is definitely working for me.


The current version of this app is 0.4.1 and works well in most Linux distros with GNOME desktop. This will also be the last stable version as the developer has decided to quit the development.


Desktop drapesDrapes is a simple wallpaper changer that sit quietly in the notification area and changes your wallpaper every once in a while. A good thing about Drapes is that you can specify a folder for it to monitor. When you add a new wallpaper into the folder, Drapes will pick it up and add it to its database.

Generally, this is a simple wallpaper changer that performs what it’s supposed to do - change wallpapers at regular intervals. If you just want a set it once and leave it kind of wallpaper-changing app, then this is most suitable for you.

If you are using Ubuntu, Drapes is included in the repository and you can easily install via the Synaptic Package Manager. If that is too troublesome for you, click here to install it.


Wallpaper-Tray is another simple wallpaper changer that does only the basic stuff. You specify the location of your wallpapers, set the time interval and you are good to go. No surprises.

wallpaper-tray : wallpaper changer download

There is one interesting feature though - Wallpaper Search tool. You type in some text in the search bar and it will search your filesystem and display all the images with file names similar to your search term. You can then select from the results the image that you want to set as the wallpaper.

Wallpaper-Tray is also available in the Ubuntu repository.

Wallpaper Changer Screenlet

screenlet-wallpaper-changerIf you have already installed Screenlets in your system, you can also use the Wallpaper Changer Screenlet to change your wallpaper at regular intervals. Same as Webilder, it allows you to download the interesting picture of the day from Flickr. It can also retrieve images and Google Images.

There is no installation required for this app. You just need to download the tar file and extract it to the Screenlets folder (usually located in/home/username/.Screenlets). You can then activate the app via the Screenlets main menu.

While this app works fine as a wallpaper changer, its interface is rather unpolished and can be hard to manage at times. I would advise you to use this app only if you have already installed Screenlets.

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