Tuesday, January 22, 2008

TwitBox for Twitter

Current Version: 0.9.3
Released: January 18, 2008

For those of you who don't know what Twitter is the best thing is to hop over to the Twitter site and have a look around, maybe set yourself up with an account and then come back here and grab the newest version of TwitBox. TwitBox is a Windows client for interacting with the Twitter service rather than having to deal with the web interface for it.

This release is a mix of some code clean up and a couple of new enhancements. Among these is that the addition of the xrl.us URL shortening service to complement the ones already supported. As well TwitBox is now being reported as one ofthe supporting Twitter clients in the posted tweet.

Feature List:

  • Support for Friends Timeline, Direct Messages and Replies Timeline
  • Support for multiple Twitter Accounts
  • Support for deleting your specific tweet messages
  • Launch selected posters home page, Twitter page and any embedded URL in their posted message
  • Supports capturing all embedded URLs to a separate URL list area and the ability to launch those URLs
  • Experimental support for #hashtag conversation markers - plus the option to strip the '#' markers from words
  • Options to customize Taskbar and Sound notifications for both general posted messages and those to you directly
  • Options to customize background and font for displaying posted messages based on user supplied keywords (Hot Flagging)
  • Options to use expandable short hand prefixes for writing tweets - i.e.: %b would expand to [BlogPost]
  • Ability to Add or Remove Friends from within TwitBox rather than having to go to the Twitter page.
  • Double clicking on a selected message will automagically have their name inserted in the text entry area with the '@' added
  • Experimental proxy support - still waiting on reports that it works as is.

Installing TwitBox:

TwitBox doesn't come with the typical installer program that a lot of folks are use to with Windows programs. It is all packaged in a simple Zip archive that you can extract to any folder you want. You will need to create you own shortcuts for starting the program.

Uninstalling TwitBox:

Uninstalling the program is as simple as deleting any shortcuts you have created and then deleting the folder where you have the program extracted to. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you enable the option to have TwitBox start when Windows boots up you will need to disable that option BEFORE deleting the program.

Supporting TwitBox:

For those of you who want it my Twitter page is here also for those folks who like showing their support by sending the occasional PayPal donation you can find the new donation button in the About dialog; or you can select the Make a Donation button located in the download section of this page.

Changes for Release:

  • ADDED: xrl.us URL shortening service
  • ADDED: TwitBox will now be displayed in the posted tweets as the user client
  • ADDED: New keyboard shortcut (Alt + F) for copying an HTML version of the selected tweet to the Windows Clipboard
  • FIXED: Removed the message dialog box being displayed when the URL shortening dialog is used (ooppss)
  • NEW: A keyboard shortcut list dialog - available from the Options Menu or Alt+K keyboard shortcut
  • NEW: Support multiple link shortening services - currently URLTea and TinyURL

Main Keycodes

  • Alt + P - Show the Profile dialog
  • Alt + X - Close TwitBox
  • ESC - Minimize the program (Boss Key)
  • F2 - Switch to the Friends Timeline display
  • F3 - Switch to the Direct Messages display
  • F4 - Switch to the Replies Timeline display
  • F8 - Toggle the display og the Snagged URLs pane (still missing - ooppss I forgot about that one)

Timeline Section Keycodes:

  • Alt + H - Launch selected user's homepage in browser
  • Alt + T - Launch selected user's Twitter page in browser
  • Alt + L - Launch URL in the selected user tweet in browser
  • Alt + C - Copy the selected tweet contents to the Windows Clipboard
  • Alt + F - Copy an HTML version of the selected tweet to the Windows Clipboard
  • Alt + D - Insert the proper format for a Direct Message for the selected user in the text area
  • Alt + Y - Insert the proper format for a Personal Public message to the selected user in the text area
  • Alt + Q - Make the tweet text entry area the focus

Program Requirements:

  • Windows XP/Vista
  • .NET 2.0 Framework

Make a donation to support the work done on TwitBox

Download TwitBox Version 0.9.3

Downloaded a total of 113 times

Discuss the 0.9.3 version here

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