Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sharism is not Communism, nor Socialism

Sharism(分享主义 in Chinese) is about sharing, for sure. It means a tendency of sharing your works(everything) to be used by your social network(or public domain), but still keep your right and property based on your consensus. It's really not strange concept especiall after blogging and web 2.0 stuffsemerged for years. As well those new copyright movements, like Creative Commons. You can practise sharism anytime by communicating with others, writing blogs, posting photos, or organizing an offline meetup to generate some group discussions, etc. And step by step, you can feel the change course that you are becoming more open-minded.

An avoidable question raised along sharism. What's the incentive to people if they would like to share? The answer if very simple. You share one piece, you can get times of return. The current social norm may always suggest people that be careful of sharing, otherwise you will lose control of your own stuff, or maybe very dangrous to love prvicy? Is it true? Let me use a metaphor to tell you that actually sharing is in a new space that won't hurt your privcy, instead it shows new possibilities and upside to everyone.

As the figure shows above. There are a big gap between privacy and publicity today that many people may not realize. So actually, the knowledge spectrum could be broken to most of us. The gap,however, has big potential to become a valuable space for social creation and sharing. Many people, however, still have no idea how to bridging the gap because they are over-concerned about privacy. It's not strange because there are still many abuse on Internet that people can't afford to fight with those bad behaviors with individual power. However, it's also a paradox. The less you share, the less power you have. And the more you share, the possible you get social support and become seems-virtually but truely powerful. You can start from small practise, e.g. from a personal blog, harvest small. Then decide how to invest more to get larger return. The gap will transform into a social space belongs to yourself can eventually can help you to maximize your social capital.

Sharism is human nature long timeline of life. It should be accumulated everyday, instead of looking forward any favors from others. And it can be practised anytime anywhere without insulting others right. So its not a big untouchable utopoia like Communism, nor absued political hype of Socialism. It's actually very personalized mindset and practical spirit. Those really experienced blogging, web 2.0 and creative commons, can easily understand what's the real meaning of sharism. Even those people with suspicious and concerns to sharism can find the value of sharism if they try to publish their opinions online, try it!

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