Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Facebook Application Platform

Facebook bet that opening its Application Platform would spur growth and build buzz, giving it an edge in the white-hot social network popularity contest. Four months and nearly 5000 applications later, it looks like that bet is paying off. Is Facebook the next platform for profits, too?

Find out what it takes to launch a successful Facebook application, understand the new rules of the application development game in a Web 2.0 world, and get the scoop on the most popular Facebook apps in this new report from Tim O'Reilly and the O'Reilly Radar team.

The report:

  • Sizes up the Facebook opportunity--who's making money, and how?
  • Lays out best practices of marketing with Facebook Applications, aka Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Identifies the top 200 Facebook applications and plots their growth rates
  • Goes beyond Facebook, and scopes out the emerging widget economy

November updates:

  • We update every chart and graph in the first report, including the definitive list of the Top 200 Facebook Applications
  • We track the continuing concentration of successful Facebook applications
  • Identifies the top 200 Facebook applications and plots their growth rates
  • We follow the astonishing increase in the number of Facebook applications -- up nearly 50% since the original report

The social network economy is sizzling, and "The Facebook Application Platform" is a must-read for anyone who wants in on the Facebook opportunity.

by O'Reilly Research

The Facebook Application Platform

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