Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Advanced WordPress Help Sheet

About a month ago, WPCandy released The WordPress Help Sheet, a PDF packed with PHP snippets, the basic template files, and other extra stuff for WordPress. It became pretty popular around the Blogosphere within a couple of days and was translated into quite a few languages. The WordPress Help Sheet was a great success and allowed WPCandy to become known to the rest of the world.

The WordPress Help Sheet was a good WordPress resource, but it was pretty limited and only had the basics of WordPress. I kept thinking to my self, "What about more advanced WordPress developers? They need something too!". I felt they were being left out of all the fun. So here's something for all you WordPress gurus…

I'm proud to announce The Advanced WordPress Help Sheet, another PDF packed with snippets that help extend WordPress' capabilities. Although the Advanced WordPress Help Sheet is mainly aimed for more advanced WordPress developers, beginning WordPress developers can use it to further their knowledge.

The Advanced WordPress Help Sheet includes snippets from Styling Different Categories to Dynamic Page Titles. This is also only the first of a few I'll be releasing. I plan on having at least three Advanced WordPress Help Sheets, totaling to around 9 or 10 pages of WordPress goodies.


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